From the day of your initial solar panel installation consultation to the day of completion on installing solar panels at your home or business, there are four major steps that must take place. The timeframe to complete those four steps is typically 12-15 weeks, but it can be shorter or longer depending on the size and type of solar panel system, property characteristics (lots of trees, roof slant, roof orientation, etc.), and utility company power connections

    Below are the details of what to expect with a Loess Hills Solar Solutions Council Bluffs solar panel installation.


    Site assessment and analysis

    • Our team of contractors will visit your home and determine the layout of your roof and any obstacles we might need to amend to achieve maximum sun exposure for your solar panels.  

    • We will discuss any questions you have about the solar panel installation process, solar panels, or the process of creating the solar energy.  

    • If you choose to move forward with the installation, we will schedule times to do measurements, remove sunlight impeding objects like tree limbs, and plan out the pricing and contact the local government to apply for permits for the solar panel installation project

    • Timeframe 1-4 weeks


    Call us today for a free solar panel installation estimate, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!




    Permits and Documents

    • After determining the design and actionable course, we will submit the draft to your local government. Our affiliated contractors know the permitting process.

    • This process ensures the regional verification and regulations are met for solar panel installation, and that your permit to build on your home is authentic and legal

    • Timeframe 2-8 weeks


    Installation Process

    • Our contractors will start the work after getting local government building permit approval 

    • This steps also follows clearing away all obstacles that could impede maximum sun exposure. 

    • We will install wiring, mount the equipment and place the solar panels facing the most direct sunlight deemed suitable for all four seasons of the year

    • We utilize sophisticated installation processes to ensure the longevity and peak efficiency of your solar panels

    • Timeframe 1-7 days



    • After the completion of the solar panel installation, a local government representative will inspect the installation. If they deem it necessary, they might even install a meter that feeds the excess power into the electrical grid.

    • After the local representative approves the solar panel installation, you are able to activate your solar panels, and we will show you exactly how to do that

    • Timeframe 2-3 weeks

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