• Why Choose Loess Hills Solar Solutions for Your Local Papillion Nebraska Solar Panel Installer?


    Loess Hills Solar Solutions is your best choice for solar panel installer, solar panel maintenance and solar contractor in Papillion Nebraska and the surrounding cities of Council Bluffs Iowa, Glenwood Iowa, Underwood Iowa, Treynor Iowa, Crescent Iowa, Carter Lake Iowa, Oakland Iowa, Logan Iowa, Malvern Iowa, Woodbine Iowa, Mineola Iowa, Missouri Valley Iowa, Omaha Nebraska, Bellevue Nebraska, and La Vista Nebraska. Loess Hills Solar Solutions is in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Council Bluffs is a premier city in America in which to install solar in your home or business! April 20th, 2020 was a turning point in which the Council Bluffs city council passed Resolution No. 20-97 which led to Council Bluffs applying for and getting approved as a SolSmart Gold designation, the highest designation given by the U.S. Department of Energy SolSmart program! Read the article here and Council Bluffs is also mentioned here and here. This signifies Council Bluffs, Iowa as a city committed to "improving solar market conditions, making it faster, easier, and more affordable for our residents and businesses to install solar energy systems." Council Bluffs has a 10-year sustainability master plan to decrease energy, water and fossil fuel use by 2030, and to remove barriers and support the installation of sustainable clean energy like solar panels. Council Bluffs Iowa also seeks to be an example to other surrounding cities in Pottawattamie, Harrison, Mills, Douglas, Sarpy, and Cass counties to encourage clean energy practices. The article noted above highlights how the Council Bluffs Iowa Community Development Department is making it easy for you to work with companies like Loess Hills Solar Solutions and its affiliated solar contractors to install solar projects in Papillion Nebraska and surrounding areas.


    Loess Hills Solar Solutions and its solar installer team specialize in the installation of high-efficient on-grid solar panel systems and off-grid battery backup solar panel systems for your Papillion Nebraska and surrounding area home or business in Council Bluffs Iowa, Glenwood Iowa, Treynor Iowa, Oakland Iowa, Crescent Iowa, Mineola Iowa, Underwood Iowa, Logan Iowa, Missouri Valley Iowa, Woodbine Iowa, Malvern Iowa, Carter Lake Iowa, Omaha Nebraska, Bellevue Nebraska, and La Vista Nebraska. We utilize industry leading solar panels, charge controllers, solar batteries, inverters, service panels, and utility meters that work in synch to provide your home or business with green energy power. Our Council Bluffs Iowa solar installer team would cherish the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the solar panel installation that is right for you and your energy needs. A free consultation with one of our affiliated solar contractors will help you understand the energy savings, value, installation materials, setup, and the installation process customized for your home or business needs.

    --Click here for an estimate from Google Project Sunroof of the solar power requirements to eliminate your current electric bill

    --Click here for information from PVWatts of the solar power potential in your specific southwest Iowa or eastern Nebraska area


    Contact Loess Hills Solar Solutions at 712-314-2428 to set up a consultation with a member of our solar installer team, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • What are Solar Panels in Papillion Nebraska?


    The sun, our life providing gigantic ball of gas 93 million miles from earth. Every day it releases a little more than 1 yottawatt of energy (enough to power about 2.8 quadrillion light bulbs) evenly on the earth as it spins. Trees naturally capture this energy, but human beings rely on the amazing technology located in solar photovoltaic systems, more commonly known as solar panel systems, or solar array. Every solar panel is composed of silicon solar cells grouped together into solar modules, which make up the solar array. Each array weighs about 40 pounds and are about 17.5 square feet (65" x 39"). The sunlight shining on these solar arrays is made of photons, and as sunlight passes through the solar panels the photons excite electrons in a process known as the photoelectric effect. The countless electrons create electrical current which then gets routed to your home through the wired connections. As of 2022 the most efficient solar panels convert around 25% of the solar energy into useable electricity. The solar panels/solar array consists of the following materials and parts:


    Silicon cells--Act as a semiconductor (highly controllable part of an electric circuit) that converts sunlight into electrical energy via the photoelectric effect

    Aluminum metal frames--Protects against dangerous weather and mounts the solar panels in their desired location

    Glass sheet--Highly durable 5-7mm thick glass the protects the silicon cells from weather and physical damage

    12V wire--A standard wire element that regulates the energy transfer and ensures a sustainable flow of electricity

    Bus wires--Connect the solar cells together and carries the electrical current to the charge controller, battery, and inverter

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    Below are the vital components that transport the electricity from the solar panels/solar array to your Papillion Nebraska home or business appliances and electrical outlets.

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    Regulates the amount of electricity that flows from the solar panels into the battery.  This prevents the battery from overcharging, but also monitors the level of energy to keep the battery fully charged. At night, when the solar panels are not sending energy, the charge controller allows the battery to release stored electrical energy as required by your home or business electrical system.

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    Solar batteries allow for the storage of solar photovoltaic energy, so you can use it to power your home or business at night or when weather elements keep sunlight from reaching PV panels. Batteries are useful now only for powering off-grid homes and businesses, but also play an increasingly important role for electrical utilities. As utility customers feed solar energy back into the grid, batteries can store it so it can be returned to customers at a later time. This process helps modernize and stabilize the Iowa and United States electrical grid.

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    Inverters are used to convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which we use for most appliances in our homes and businesses. Photovoltaic solar panel systems either have one inverter that converts the electricity generated by the entire solar array, or microinverters which attach to each individual solar module. Single inverters are generally less expensive, but microinverters allow for independent operation of each panel, which is useful if some solar panels are shaded or covered due to weather elements, for example.

  • Papillion Nebraska Solar Panel Installer Near Me

    Welcome to Council Bluffs, Iowa, recipient of the U.S. Department of Energy SolSmart Gold designation award, and home of incredible American history, and part of the beautiful Loess Hills. Council Bluffs is "Unlike Anyway Else. On Purpose," and has a fascinating historic past. The city was a key passageway for eastward pioneer wagon trains and the migration of Mormons and California gold rush participants in the 1800s. One of those historical attractions is the golden spike and "Mile 0" of the transcontinental railroad, designated as the starting point of the transcontinental railroad by Abraham Lincoln. Council Bluffs is also home to the Dodge House, past home of Grenville Mellen Dodge, renown Union army general and transcontinental railroad executive. One unique attraction that sets Council Bluffs, Iowa apart is the Squirrel Cage Jail, the only three story rotary jail in America. Arguably the most iconic feature of Council Bluffs are the very unique and beautiful Loess Hills, a geographic feature found only in western Iowa and in portions of China. Council Bluffs is on the southern portion of the nationally renown Loess Hills Scenic Byway, and located in the heart of Council Bluffs are three beautiful overlooks of the Loess Hills at the Lincoln Monument, Fairmont park, and Lewis and Clark Monument lookouts.


    Lake Manawa state park, Wabash Nature trail, Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, the Dream Playground, and the variety of arts and theater offerings from the Hoff Family Arts and Culture Center are additional examples of great recreation opportunities available for the whole family in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Whether you plan an extended stay in Council Bluffs, or you are just passing through, please enjoy our beautiful scenery and attractions, and it is our hope you can see the truth of our city logo "Unlike Anywhere else. On Purpose!" When it comes to solar panel installation, we can certain stand by that statement! If you or a family member or friend ever needs a professional solar panel installation company, the affiliated solar contractors of Loess Hills Solar Solutions are the ones to call for experienced and licensed solar panel installation technicians able to quickly and accurately install renewable solar energy to your home or business! Call us today for a free consultation!

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